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Spera: a beautiful initiative

Spera - Latin for ‘hope.’


This incredible piece was designed by Venezuelan Erika Yelo and is full of love, hope and solidarity. A rebirth, full of bright colors, an impeccable design that also represents the capacity to fight and remain strong.

After more than a year ago, after meeting María Margarita and learning about her project, Erika had the idea to create a design that would represent exactly how she felt after that conversation. She was inspired by the story of what María Margarita had been through, the founder and driving force of Respirar es Vivir.

María Margarita suffers systemic scleroderma and is the recipient of a double lung transplant.

“I think life is full of meaning and hidden messages that often go unnoticed. In creating Spera, I was inspired by this rebirth of María Margarita, and her unwavering strength and hope that infect everyone who meets her. Spera is the realization of what she considers an aura of magic, hope and symbolism, representing beauty, freshness, joy, strength, nobility and above all: HOPE, hope being what all human beings so badly need in our day to day lives,” said Erika Yelo.


The bracelet is comprised of various braids made of silk and cotton using the colors found in Respirar es Vivir’s logo, along with gold nylon that has a small turquoise anchor dangling from one of the braids to represent hope, a medallion that says ‘Respirar es vivir’ on one side, and has a pair of lungs on the other, which is the foundation’s logo. On the other end, there is a medallion with Erika Yelo’s logo. “The combination of colors in Respirar es Vivir’s logo seemed ideal to base on Spera’s design, and since it was about combining both identities, we wanted it to represent the fundamental aspects of DNA,” explained Yelo.


The bracelet is available for purchase exclusively from authorized sellers in Venezuela and the United States, specifically in the store APRILIS (Caracas and Maturin), FABIOLA FONTANA (Maracaiba and Punto Fijo) and OLE UNLIMITED in Miami, Florida. Bracelets can also be purchased directly from the foundation’s website:


All proceeds earned from selling these exclusive bracelets will go towards the Respirar es Vivir Foundation in order to contribute to the recuperation of various patients in Venezuela and the U.S. who suffer chronic obstructive respiratory diseases.


This beautiful project reminds us that to live in solidarity and love with others is truly wonderful, and that acts of giving and receiving are some of the most beautiful things in life.


About Erika Yelo:

Since 1999, the Venezuelan accessory designer has explored symbols and themes of inspiration in her work, which have become a hallmark in her designs. She has a collection of designs imagined in her own way and style. From the eclecticism of different faiths, bohemian chic, the use of knotted leather and the button stamped with her name, she creates symbolic designs full of meaning in a style that is hippie, sophisticated and cosmopolitan for women who are modern, elegant and chic.

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