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The Non-Profit Organization


The Foundation aims to inspire, develop, benefit, promote, encourage, raise awareness and direct different plans for the prevention, treatment and cure of chronic obstructive respiratory diseases, to improve the quality of life of individuals who suffer these illnesses, especially patients with pulmonary fibrosis, emphasizing the importance of breathing.


Among other things, the foundation is able to:

  1. Program, coordinate, administer and develop all of the activities directed towards the prevention, treatment and cure of patients who suffer chronic obstructive respiratory diseases, including lung transplants.

  2. Integrate dissemination and promotion, which are carried out under the guidance and sponsorship of this foundation, streamlining execution and improving quality in the use of available infrastructure.

  3. Advise other public or private institutions upon request, or other organized sectors of the community that require assessment.

  4. Assist and support individuals, or organized groups who aim to improve their quality of life, through donations to patients in order to perform lung transplants, as well as the prevention and treatment of obstructive respiratory diseases.

  5. Carry out any other activities that may be directly or indirectly related to the foundation’s objective, since the activities mentioned herein are only examples and not necessarily exhaustive.

What do we do?


We support patients with chronic obstructive respiratory diseases through the following activities:

  1. Search for and donate medication.

  2. Transportation services for patients who need oxygen.

  3. Loan respiratory equipment such as oxygen concentrators and tanks.

  4. Supply oxygen to patients as needed, properly prescribed by a licensed health professional.

  5. Donation of breathing tubes.  

  6. Provide consultation when it comes to sharing cases in order to finance medical expenses.

  7. Support patients and their families.

  8. Workshops and purchasing of equipment for family members so they can take action in the midst of a crisis, both by fundraising and by helping them keep busy and distract themselves during the process. 

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